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Welcome in Gallery!

All photos which are presented here were taken by me. File naming convention is as follows:

"Manufacturer Model (optional generation/series) Years_of_model_prod (Year_of_unit_prod Version)"
Years of model production is a period when this particular model was produced.
Year of unit production I try to define based on car details or, when it is possible, on information from the owner. During events cars have often information sheets behind a windscreen.

Do You have any ideas, how to improve this web page? Something annoyes you? Write us an e-mail: info@autopaedia.com and support us in our effort to make Encyclopeadia better! Any suggestions are welcomed!

Encyclopaedia's developement history:

An update after several years. New photos added.
Number of photos: 37641
number of brands: 374
number of models: 1564

Big changes in web engine and server change. Php commands used to optimize and simplify maintenance of the page. No more spaces in page's names.

Again more than a year elapsed since last update. New Autopaedia logo added and picture above is now a hyperlink.
Number of photos has rised to 27665, number of brands to 314 and number of models to 1316. Next set of photos of trucks, many of them as fire engines.

After more than a year it is high time for christmas update. No changes in web engine, just plenty of photos added.
Galleries contain now 23052 photos, 1179 models and 273 brands. I have added classic buses and trucks as well as formel cars. Additionally quite a few "soviet" cars, photographed during Zlombol 2013.

Update and bugfixing. New domain www.autopaedia.com and new server.
Library expanded to 18792 photos, divided between 1051 models of 244 brands.

Update and big bugfix. At the moment Encyclopedia contains 10735 photos of 775 models of 183 brands.

First internet release of Encyclopaedia. Galleries contain 152 brands, almost 500 models, over 6000 photos.

Idea to create Small Old- and Youngtimers Encyclopaedia was born.

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